Mission Building

Build your company’s mission beyond your product, and articulate a vision for the future that captures your values, your social impact, and your connection to consumers.  We will work with you to reveal the heart of your business to the marketplace.

Pop-up Markets

Pure Purpose Markets is a different kind of pop-up. Our mission is to spread the news that there is power in purpose-driven shopping. The vendors participating in the market either have social impact built into their model or have agreed to contribute a percentage of their sales to a community non-profit organization. Contact us for our current calendar of pop-ups, or to schedule one for your site!

Event Planning

We love planning meaningful events that lift up communities and align with our values. Spend your time focusing on what really matters to you, and let us handle the logistics of planning and managing your events.

Personalized Brand Discovery

Know your brands and be cause-driven! We know that free time is scarce, and you need information about your brands to make sustainable and ethical decisions before you make a purchase. Check out our Supply Chain Discovery bank for a list of products and details about their journey to your door; where are they made, who made them, and what is the overall environmental and social impact of their creation. If you don’t see what you need - contact us and let us do the research for you!