Pure Purpose
Earth Day Market 

Saturday, April 22, 2017
De la Guerra Courtyard
Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara

Pure Purpose Market's mission is to spotlight the power of purpose-driven shopping. Vendors participating in the market either have social impact built into their model or have agreed to contribute a percentage of their sales to a community non-profit organization. Our Earth Day vendors are conscious of the footprint their creations leave, on our hearts and our planet.  Vendors are curated for quality, uniquely crafted goods created with upcycled, repurposed, and sustainable materials.

There is power in how we choose to spend. Let's make an impact on the issues we care about by spending with purpose!

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Pure Purpose Earth Day Market Vendor Showcase

Simple Wealth Art

Simple Wealth Art was born from the intention of transforming forgotten metals into beautiful art. The founders and creators of Simple Wealth Art, use their craft to open a compassionate dialogue about the flow of waste into our landfills and oceans, and the social and environmental effects of mass produced, outsourced goods and fast fashion. Through the process of transforming scrap metals into meaningful and wearable art, Simple Wealth reconnects and breathes new life into our "stuff". In addition to using recycled metals, Simple Wealth sources recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. 

Bestow Pottery

Bestow's purpose is to inspire thoughtful and creative gift giving . In their Summerland, California "trailer-shop" Bestow showcases local goods and inspires people to make their own handmade gifts. In creating their handmade pottery, Bestow seeks to inspire the community to give more often and more thoughtfully. Through everyday micro practices, Bestow aims to minimize their footprint as much as possible. As an avid bee-supporter, Bestow will be crafting local beeswax candles for the Pure Purpose Earth Day Market and donating proceeds to the SB beekeepers association. "Bees are such an important part of our ecosystem!"

Best Foot Forward

Santa Barbara native, Caleigh Hernandez, was inspired to launch Best Foot Forward (BFF) during a visit to Kenya where she discovered the exquisite hand beaded footwear. As a social business, BFF partners with co-ops and companies in Kenya that pay ethical wages and insure safe working environments. Profits are re-invested in community projects based on the artisans' desires and needs. Bringing BFF stateside, Caleigh hopes to remind to her local community that our purchasing decisions are important and can be impactful. With socially minded purchases, you can support an artisan and their families. Best Foot Forward is committed to minimizing waste as much as possible through mindful production and sourcing. BFF contributions in Kenya are allocated to alleviate the strains of Kenya's drought which is leaving millions food insecure and without stable sources of water. 

Parker Clay

Parker Clay was founded by a young Santa Barbara family responding to the issue of orphanhood worldwide. As the adopted parents of an Ethiopian child, the Bentleys travelled often to Ethiopia. There, they realized that many young mothers, many of whom had been orphaned as children, ended up in prostitution. Knowing of the beautiful craftsmanship of Ethiopian leather work, they decided to start Parker Clay to provide opportunities to women and their families to emerge from the cycle, all the while giving back to the community and supporting prevention and rehabilitation programs at a nearby Ethiopian non-profit, Women at Risk. Locally, Parker Clay partners with organizations to fight sexual exploitation in Southern California.

AZ Designs

Allison Zeager was inspired to start AZ Designs through her love of art, design, and upcycling. In her time working in the luxury fashion industry, she found that most high-end leather scraps were going to waste and began transforming the materials, giving them a new life in the form of jewelry and small accessories. Allison hopes to inspire others to upcycle materials that would have otherwise been discarded, to create their own unique pieces of art. Allison is passionate about environmental conservation, and doing what we can on an individual level to recycle, reuse, upcycle, and keep perfectly good materials from ending up in our landfills.   

Sarka Photography

Sarka Photography captures the beauty in life from everyday objects to touching moments through artistic travel photography and unique newborn and children’s portraiture. Sarka creates high end art pieces to preserve meaningful moments before they are long forgotten. Currently 10% of revenue is contributed to All Hands Volunteers to help rebuild a school and community for children in Nepal affected by a devastating earthquake in April 2015. 

Vega Coffee

Vega Coffee's mission is to  reimagine the coffee supply chain and support the financial and educational wealth of women farmers in Latin America. Vega works with small-scale farmers giving them the tools and training to roast and package the coffee they grow. The additional income earned by coffee farmers has a tangible impact, funding community initiatives like better education for children and greater access to healthcare. Vega's direct-to-drinker model enables farmers to earn more and drinkers to get premium single-origin coffee crafted from micro lots at a fair price delivered directly to our doorstep.

argentium silver

Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry made from recycled sterling silver (guaranteed traceability) and copper, as well as responsibly-sourced gemstones. Locally produced, Twisted Sisters uses no chemicals often used in creating and cleaning jewelry; simply natural, everyday items we all have in our homes. Creating beautiful jewelry that can be worn daily, using recycled silver and copper along with responsibly sourced pearls and stones for that boost of confidence we all deserve. 

Elisha C

Elisha C. wants to end poverty in Haiti through job creation, launching micro-businesses and sending folks to school to grow their communities. Dedicated to creating and supporting international businesses involving exportation of Haitian goods, natural or manufactured, into the marketplace, Elisha C. raises awareness and promotes the true beauty of Haiti. Through sales of goods, Elisha C. promotes trade with a cause by allowing customers to participate in making a difference simply through their daily purchases.

Isabella Gourmet Foods

A registered dietitian and locavore, Amy Isabella Chalker shares her passion through food. Isabella Gourmet's mission is to be part of Santa Barbara's growing food community, recognized regionally and nationally for its dedication to growing, producing, and eating local. This includes more central locales, in addition to Farmer's Markets, for purchasing such goods, more hands-on demos and tours of local farms, more shared kitchen spaces and food incubators for food artisans to create, and less restrictions for becoming a food vendor. Isabella Gourmet Foods recognizes the huge environmental and social impact of eating local and supporting small businesses.

Noonday Collection 

Noonday Collection partners with talented artisan entrepreneurs to make a difference in some the world's most vulnerable communities, 28 artisan businesses in 12 countries. Santa Barbara's Noonday Ambassador, Stephanie Logan, wants to help people realize that their purchases matter and we all could be more conscious consumers. Noonday encourages artisans to upcycle and use what's available in their communities to create unique products.  In Ethiopia artillery is melted down and upcycled into necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  In Vietnam after a water buffalo dies (they are used to help plow the fields) their horns are ethically harvested and carved into intricately detailed earrings.  In Ecuador tagua and acai seeds are transformed into beautiful necklaces.  In Uganda paper is turned in vibrantly colored jewelry. Knowing that a product you love to wear is not only fair-trade but is empowering a woman to flourish in her vulnerable community is inspiring!